Need PDFs for your IBM FileNet P8 Business Processes?

October 14, 2011

2 minute read

Insurance claims processingIBM’s unified platform for enterprise content management (ECM) – called  FileNet P8 Platform – is used by a large insurance company which recently purchased additional Adlib digital transformation software for insurance industry to support their growing volume of documents they render to PDF for their insurance claims processing.

Once this property and casualty insurance leader processes a claim in the Guidewire ClaimCenter, a Word document is created and rendered to the PDF/A standard using Adlib. The PDF is added to their FileNet ECM for records management, and a link appears in Guidewire, where users can click to access the PDF rendition in FileNet.

PDF is a great format for storing documents under records management to meet regulatory, legal, and fiduciary requirements. There are many reasons why organizations come to Adlib when they need transformation content-to-PDF; here are the top 3 reasons:

1. Rendition Fidelity - This means that the PDF is an accurate visual representation of the source document, e.g. Microsoft Word.

2. Reliability – When a transformation to PDF request is made to the system, the PDF creation success rate is very high, resulting in a significantly lower volume of calls to the service desk.

3. Easy Integration – This means that the system is easily integrated within the customer IT environment, such as with FileNet, by providing different integration methods like web service, folder connector, etc.

One approach you can use to integrate Adlib with FileNet is through web services calls via the IBM FileNet Business Process Manager software.

Adlib is such an accepted industry standard for rendering content to PDF that most of the largest ECM vendors, such as EMC Documentum and Open Text, have been using Adlib for years in their ECM systems. At Adlib we are focused on doing one thing really well - and that’s our content-to-PDF transformation engine for high reliability and quality.

I will be at IBM’s global conference, Information On Demand 2011, in Vegas at the end of this month, which includes the Enterprise Content Management Forum. I would love to meet you there to discuss how Adlib can provide PDF for your FileNet ECM business processes; drop me an email.

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