Adlib Nods to Steve Jobs

October 6, 2011

2 minute read

Steve JobsAs we mourn the loss of Steve Jobs, former CEO and co-founder of Apple Inc., I thought it might be fitting to look back at the blog posts we’ve written at Adlib that discussed his career and contributions to society.

In particular, the recent post, Lessons Learned from Steve Jobs, written by our product manager Paul Dyck upon Steve’s retirement six weeks ago, pays tribute to the man and his genius that drove Apple. He writes “Instead of focusing only on operations and commoditization, Apple has always focused on innovation, on the users, on differentiating themselves from the competition.” In another post, A Tale of Two Solitudes: Technology at Home (Apple) vs. at Work (Microsoft), Paul observes that “in the case of Apple, they’ve actually gone beyond anticipating needs, and have created needs and markets that did not exist before.”

Jeff Brand, one of our technical account managers, wrote a fascinating take on how Everything on Your Apple is a PDF – going back to the day, more than 25 years ago, when Steve Jobs started NeXT. Jeff observes, “don’t ever underestimate the power of PDF, or the importance of the technology that creates it. It’s everywhere – especially if you’re using an Apple computer!”

Scott Mackey, one of Adlib’s co-founders and our Director of Product Management, wrote this summer about Apple’s iCloud announcement in The Purveyor of Perfect Interfaces Goes Cloud. He tackles the ongoing issue of technology exclusiveness that is part of Apple’s model: “if you don’t subscribe to a single platform or tool [such as all Apple devices]… iCloud will not be for you.” In a separate post, Scott gives credit where credit is due to Job’s innovation – “just ask Apple about marrying hardware with great software” – in his post about the introduction of the Microsoft WinTPC.

We will miss your innovations, Steve – both in our industry and our personal lives; may your successors at Apple have half your success. Check out the tributes on Twitter at the hashtags #SteveJobs and #ThankyouSteve for a sense of what he’s meant to so many of us.

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