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November 11, 2011

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Well, I’m a published author again… a few months ago in ZDNet, about corporate archiving – and now in Health Management Technology Magazine, about streamlining operations for healthcare reporting.

Life Sciences healthcare reporting I write about how healthcare organizations must ensure their document conversion and publishing processes are completed automatically, accurately and seamlessly, so they can compile a high volume of information from multiple sources and create production-ready documentation for easy use in final reports.

In the magazine article, I give the example of a New York City-based healthcare facility (an Adlib customer) that produces monthly reports for its senior executives and board members, lengthy reports in many different formats with multiple authors submitting reports right up to the deadline. The NYC facility successfully moved its labor-intensive document operations to an automated process, reducing two weeks of work into less than one day!

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Check out my article in Health Management Technology... Are you working in a healthcare org that is drowning in documentation you need to compile for critical reports? Leave your comments below.

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