Beanbag Blogging from EMC World 2011

May 13, 2011

2 minute read

I got into Vegas on Monday night, and yesterday was my first opportunity to sit in the bloggers beanbag area to write up my take on EMC World 2011.

I attended a couple of keynotes on Tuesday. The keynote of Jeetu Patel, CTO of EMC’s Information Intelligence Group (IIG)  one of the best keynotes I’ve seen in a while - started off with a lively performance from The Street Beats Group. Before jumping into the strategy, Jeetu mentioned a quote by Rick Devenuti (President, Information Intelligence Group EMC): “A strategy without a roadmap is pure fantasy.”

Typically we end up hearing about strategy at keynotes, but not much to back up what is being said. This time it was different; Jeetu talked about long-term strategies to create a unified UI (user interface) for D7 (the next major release of Documentum) which is open, so that customers and partners can build on top of it easily. He discussed having a complete cloud-enabled platform in the second half of 2012.

Another interesting keynote was from the CEO of VMWare, Paul Maritz where he talked about extending virtualization from computers to mobile devices. Now, some of you may not see the use cases for this, but for me, this is huge. I walk around with two mobile devices – one for work and one for my personal life (in an attempt at work/life balance). With virtualizing mobile devices, I would be able to have two phone numbers on one device, letting me install applications for personal use independently from the business side.  I can’t wait to see this come out…!

One of the key features customers are seeking in content management solutions is having at work what they have at home in terms of social collaboration. To that end, EMC has partnered with Cisco to deliver an Enterprise Social Collaboration platform.  Lots of exciting stuff coming up from EMC -but also lots to deliver on.

Today is IIG Partner Day, where the IIG team will share with us all the new features and benefits of the completely new IIG Global Partner Program. (Adlib is a partner of EMC.)

I’m looking forward to seeing what progress is made from now until EMC’s Momentum Europe which is right around the corner, happening this year in Berlin. Adlib will be there (Booth S11) and will be presenting at the show. I’ll blog from that show floor, too.

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