NYC Interest in SharePoint as a Hub

March 23, 2011

1 minute read

Today’s SharePoint 2010 Solutions seminar in New York City is yielding all kinds of interesting angles on SharePoint. For example, Louis Gucciardo from Microsoft presented an interesting concept: using SharePoint as a hub. By using business connectivity services in SharePoint 2010, you can connect to multiple applications and respect security, meaning authentication within the external application.

SharePoint 2010 supports most infrastructure standards like web services, ODBC, etc. This means a company can leverage business intelligence from multiple apps through SharePoint 2010.

Bill Nagle, Director of Field Operations, K2 spoke about virtual case management and how K2 has a case framework that can automate processes and support adhoc process automation. Claims management in insurance, and HR recruitment, are examples of business apps supported. K2 can initiate processes that call Adlib to support enterprise content transformation for documents that are part of the case management workflow.

It’s been a great day, with my colleague Kyle Wash (right), a sales engineer at Adlib, presenting our PDF for SharePoint solution to a packed room. Close to 120 attendees filled Microsoft’s Manhattan office, a mixture of technical and business users from a wide variety of industries.

We look forward to more SharePoint 2010 Solutions seminars in Malvern, PA and Tampa, FL next week!

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