CAD Rendering, PDF/A Intrigue Philadelphia-Area Audience

April 1, 2011

1 minute read

Today Adlib continued with the SharePoint Solutions roadshow, this time, in Malvern, PA. Other speakers included representatives from Microsoft, K2, BA Insight, and Neudesic.

Jason Picola, Microsoft’s technical professional – SharePoint, kicked off the day with a great overview of all the enhancements in SharePoint 2010, paying special attention to its greatly improved search functionality and ability to integrate data from Lync, Microsoft’s Unified Communications product.

Today’s audience – including IT professionals from Merck, Bank of America, Amex, and the US Army – was very engaged, asking lots of questions throughout the presentations; seems like everyone is trying to maximize their SharePoint investment. During my presentation, there was a great deal of interest on Adlib’s ability to render CAD files and the concept of PDF/A in general.

Greg Sanderson, technical specialist for K2, right, talked about his company, which leverages Adlib to extend SharePoint with workflows-based business rules for document transformation.

(Oh, and this blog post is late because I literally ran through the airport to catch my plane to the next SharePoint 2010 Solutions event: tomorrow in Tampa, Florida!)

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