Overflowing Room for SharePoint 2010 Seminar in London, UK

June 10, 2011

2 minute read

We just finished our joint event in London, UK with other Microsoft partners about SharePoint 2010 solutions – following in the footsteps of successful similar North American events earlier this year.

Registration was so positive we had to upgrade our seminar room at Microsoft’s office – Cardinal Place to the main auditorium! Attendance today more than matched expectations, with capacity reaching 100+ people. Everyone arrived by 9 am with the usual coffee and breakfast snacks to aid concentration. Paul Blackwell from K2 was the moderator (to the right at the front in this photo) setting up the day’s agenda.

Turned out our caloric concentration aids were not needed – Jessica Meats, Partner Technology Advisor, Microsoft, kicked off the presentations on time with a great intro to SharePoint. She started off, “If I was asked to describe SharePoint, I’d say “huge.” (Luckily, details about SharePoint soon followed to fill the gaps in knowledge!)

I was up next – my 45-minute presentation resulted in 12 minutes of Q&A. It was the first time the new Adlib logo (see right) and branding of “Think Efficiency” has been shown publicly in the EU.

I shared a quote about one of our clients taking a 60-minute end-to-end workflow and reducing to less than 30 minutes with Adlib by centralising the previously manual PDF creation. Plus they added compliance and better quality output. I got lots of seminar participant questions about searchable PDF using OCR (optical character recognition).

Fellow presenter and Microsoft partner, BAinsight, gave some great background on FAST and the Microsoft entry to enterprise search capability with SharePoint 2010, described as “intuitive search capability which gets smarter as used.”

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