SharePoint the First True Solution for Comprehensive ECM and RM Functions

June 17, 2011

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Synergy of ideas was the order of the day in Chevy Chase, MD today where presentations by myself and employees of Microsoft, K2 and GimmalSoft were comprised of separate yet powerfully connected elements of an overall content strategy. We spoke to a room of technology and business contacts from the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), the Federal Reserve Board, other departments of the US government, and consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton, to mention a few.

This event was part of a road show that started in January, alongside Microsoft, K2 and other Microsoft partners talking about SharePoint 2010 solutions from coast to coast across North America. Chevy Chase was one busy city today, what with the PGA tour (US Open Week) being in town the same time as us.

SharePoint is known as a powerful platform enhanced by partner solutions to address specific business requirements. This platform comes alive with powerful workflow tools like those available from K2. Those workflows serve to automate business processes to enhance productivity and eliminate manual costs.

The content flowing through those workflows often requires transformation to suit the needs of users and business apps involved; this is where Adlib shines as a perfect complement. Another key requirement in a comprehensive content strategy is Records Management (RM). This is where Gimmalsoft delivers an easy to use DOD 5015.2 compliant (soon to be certified) solution to easily declare proper records within SharePoint.

Gimmelsoft describes SharePoint as the first true solution for comprehensive ECM and RM functions. Adlib again fits because typical RM functions include rendering to archive suitable formats (like PDF/A), turning non-searchable content into searchable PDF/A for easy retrieval, and for creating NARA compliant output – all automatically as part of the RM process.

Recent statistics from the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) indicate 36.5 billion emails and 50 million court documents, plus 10 terabytes on census data … talk about the need for automation! NARA mandates the use of PDF/A at which Adlib excels, and our output has been validated by NARA to be compliant. Elements such as PDF versions, font embedding, optical character recognition (OCR) of image-only content are all addressed by a single platform.

Today’s seminar participants and vendors were able to use real world examples where all technologies could be used to contribute overall value. Next time, we Microsoft partners on the road together are threatening to create a combined demo to illustrate the true synergy of complementary partners leveraging the common SharePoint platform!

Next stop: Ottawa, June 21 – for the Efficiency in Government seminar, about process automation with SharePoint.

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