ZDNet Publishes Adlib on PDF/A

July 29, 2011

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ZDNet We’ve hit the big times in online technology news! I’ve been published in ZDNet – with an estimated 713,000 unique visitors per month – for my reflections on the role of automated PDF conversion in preserving precious corporate archives.

In my ZDNet article, Don’t Treat Your Corporate Archive Like a Wishing Well (online since July 28), I talk about how the internationally recognized, non-proprietary standard for a suitable archive format – PDF/A – is a superior method for long term storage of your digital content than keeping it in its original format. I point out how an Enterprise Content Transformation solution goes well beyond less sophisticated products in this regard:

“It’s not difficult to create a PDF/A rendition of a Microsoft Word file, there are myriad of available products to do so. The problem is how to automate the generation of compliant PDF/A files from the many file types (e.g. Microsoft Office, CAD DWG, etc.) and enterprise business systems (e.g. ECM, PLM, SharePoint) in use. Ideally, the transformation of content to PDF/A, when it reaches the Preserve state in its lifecycle, is part of an automated process that ensures compliance and reduces costs associated with manual intervention.

I leave ZDNet readers with the chance to think about how proper content archival could, and should, be part of their overall content management strategy. What do you think? Are you taking archiving – and specifically, PDF/A, into consideration?

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