Reflections on 2010, Projections for 2011

January 12, 2011

2 minute read

So, it’s the end of a year and the beginning of a new one – a time to reflect back at events and accomplishments of 2010 and forward into what could/will be in 2011 – and maybe make a few resolutions.

In 2010, the continued recovery of the world economy dominated the news. As well, there were some disasters:

… and there were triumphs:

One of the common themes that strikes me when I look at this list is that, despite overwhelming challenges, people came together using a combination of ingenuity and hard work to improve the situation.

For Adlib Software, 2010 was very good to us. The economic recovery meant that enterprises started to apply their budget dollars towards improving the productivity of their people… and Adlib was there to help. We continue to be impressed by the ingenuity of our customers in how they use our software to solve huge document workflow challenges.

We grew in 2010…we grew our revenues and we grew our team.

From a New Year’s Resolutions perspective….it’s pretty simple for Adlib:

  • Continue to spread the message about how enterprises can gain significant benefit from automating their document-centric business processes
  • Focus on ensuring our customers are successful
  • Build great software
  • Be a great software company

Bring it on, 2011! 

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