Medical Devices and Pharma Compliance Lessons Shared

January 28, 2011

1 minute read

I am just back from Qumas Connect 2011, reflecting on all the news and views I took in at the busy customer event. Industry presentations brought to light many of the documentation challenges facing the pharmaceutical and medical devices field today.


For example, CEO Derek Rhodes of Lantheus Medical Imaging spoke about some of the challenges his company faces as they bring product to market. The Boston-based global organization (a Bristol Meyers Squibb spin-off) produces ultrasound, MRI, nuclear imaging and other products with some very strict turnaround times. For one of their new products, they must be sure no human hands touch it across the globe – from the manufacturing facility until it is injected into a human – and it has a shelf life of four hours!

Qumas was selected to support taking these products through R&D and compliance to deliver them to the market across many steps and processes. Lantheus has outsourced its data center, and the role of IT is to enable the business to generate more revenue.

Rhodes said the company needs a way to have collaboration across the organization, and are looking at Qumas for compliance with SharePoint. Lantheus’ documentation strategy also includes looking at MyQumas to address their business needs.

Aspen Pharma was another customer presenter who uses Adlib for their rendering platform within Qumas. The South Africa-based global company was facing too many manual processes and a need to standardize systems, said IT manager Iain Gardener, so they began implementing and expanding Qumas across their operations. Aspen has seen their revenues double since 2008, he added.

There were too many other customer stories to include here without clogging up the blog. Not to mention an interesting session held by the Qumas User Committee, which is represented by customers who share best practices and influence Qumas on product direction.

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