Leveraging Adlib through Qumas

January 27, 2011

1 minute read

I opened my talk today at Qumas Connect waving around one of the Adlib ‘bendy” giveaways (shown in this picture of me and Tracey Robertson, compliance officer at Boehringer Ingelheim) and comparing it to our software: you can make it whatever you need it to be!


I talked about extending the document transformation framework for CAD and PDF/A by leveraging Adlib through Qumas.

Adlib Express is used to generate PDF renditions of documents from within Qumas (content services), and Adlib’s optical character recognition (OCR) module is used within the scanning solution.

I also discussed Adlib’s focus on collaboration and PDF for SharePoint, and our mutual relationship and partnership with QUMAS and Microsoft.

Ken Hayward, the CTO of Qumas, summarized my presentation by indicating that Adlib is a wonderful platform that is stable and provides rendering, stamping, watermarks and more, and provides value as part of that process.

Last night the Qumas-sponsored dinner event was held on a cruise that never left the harbor! A tornado warning here in Coral Gables, Florida kept us anchored (although foul weather never arrived).

A very productive event here at Qumas Connect 2011 for Adlib; we’ve been attending this customer event since we announced our partnership with Qumas in 2006.

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