Insurance in the Software World

January 18, 2011

2 minute read

Part of the decision of purchasing enterprise-ready software is knowing what happens when things go wrong:

  • If my system goes down the day before a major regulatory submission is due, who do I call?
  • What is the process to fix my problem and get things back on track?
  • What if I am planning an upgrade off-hours?

You need to know that when you pick up the phone, someone will answer.

 Support and maintenance are the insurance of the software world. Companies offer proactive issue resolution (patches, service packs) and more immediate reactive resolution (customer support). The level of coverage an organization needs depends on a number of factors:

  • The “mission-criticality” of the system
  • The scope of the deployment
  • The geographic/time zone distribution of the users
  • “Peak period” up time requirements

Good Things Come in Threes

At Adlib, we’ve worked with companies that face all of these challenges. To effectively support large scale, mission-critical applications, we have created three tiers of customer support:

  1. Standard – covers regular business hours for issue investigation and response, within a defined SLA. Includes call in and email support by customer support representatives
  2. Custom – if you need 24×7 coverage, or maybe just more than what Standard offers, extended support provides more hours of coverage and can include weekends/holidays
  3. Premium – for mission -critical applications, the premium support package involves the assignment of a named Technical Account Manager who is well versed in YOUR environment, as well as proactive monitoring and deployment planning services. Adlib’s premium support is the most comprehensive support package we offer.

Adlib works with you to define what is right for your organization – from initial capacity planning, through deployment, training and to the right level of post-implementation support. Choosing the right combination of support services is essential – as well as a collaborative, partnership approach with the software vendor – helping to minimize your deployment risk and avoid costly downtime.

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