Day One at Qumas Connect 2011

January 26, 2011

2 minute read

On the very first day of Qumas Connect 2011, we witnessed an exciting enterprise decision that includes a SharePoint strategy. At the opening dinner event, we Adlibbers met executives from Progressive, a large property and casualty insurance company in Cleveland, who are just rolling out their Qumas implementation. They told us they made the decision because of Qumas’ SharePoint strategy.

Adlib has been partners with Qumas for several years now, integrating our digital transformation and workflow solutions for insurance with the Qumas Compliance Suite. Now Qumas is becoming a technology platform in response to their customers’ business needs, and they’ve been working with Microsoft and business experts to build their Compliance SharePoint offering so that it is relevant and to ensure that it is certified.

This platform will support many different infrastructure vendors such as Oracle, SQL, Documentum and SharePoint. The Qumas Compliance Platform will cross clinical, regulatory, manufacturing, and general requirements with 23 separate packages now commercially available, all within the last six months – a tremendous achievement!

Other highlights that came out in the opening day of this international customer event, being held in sunny Coral Gables, Florida (while I hear it is hitting double-digit Celcius below at the Adlib head office) and our take on them:

  • New Silverlight-produced UI allows companies to have a complete platform view of multiple compliance project relationships as part of Qumas’ SharePoint integration – which is key to successful end user adoption. The new look is great, and the UI received favourable feedback from the audience at Qumas Connect 2011.
  • MyQumas 4.0 plan to release in March 2011 – moving even more towards the concept of information all in one place. Apparently, MyQumas reduces training time from 2 days to 15 minutes on average… impressive.
  • Also coming in March 2011: process compliance SaaS 
  • A technology refresh of the Adlib/Qumas integration
  • Qumas CEO Kevin O’Leary says software sales have increased in the past year – not too bad in an American economic climate that is still struggling to climb out of recession!

Tomorrow I speak at a CTO session about the Adlib integration with Qumas; it should garner lots of interest and questions; I can’t wait!

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