SharePoint Fever and Sunny Skies in San Fran

February 10, 2011

1 minute read

Greetings from SPTechCon in San Francisco, where about 1,000 employees of financial services companies, universities, oil and gas companies, and federal government agencies, and more are mingling around vendors’ booths to learn more about.. what else?… SharePoint.

We are displaying this time in K2‘s booth, promoting our companies’ integrated solution – the ability for K2 to call up the Adlib rendering capability within a K2 workflow. (Ryan Mommaerts, business development manager at K2, and I catch up at the SPTechCon booth in the photo below).


There has been quite a lot of interest in the Adlib and K2 workflow integration. The main theme continues to be: How can I do more with the SharePoint platform? How can I make it easier for my end users to use?

Adlib and K2 are busy doing lots of joint work these days; we continue our SharePoint 2010 Solutions roadshow with them throughout this month and March. And we are giving a joint Adlib-K2 webinar, “Workflow and Document Automation for Today’s Economy” on February 15.

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