Enterprise Search and the Nation’s Capital

February 5, 2011

2 minute read

“What are the two most popular searches on Bing in Canada?” That’s how I opened my presentation yesterday in the Washington, DC area to more than 100 attendees of the SharePoint 2010 Solutions Roadshow, mostly from US federal government agencies, including the US Army and the National Institute for Health.

There was a sole Canadian in the audience, and he guessed one search phrase correctly (‘hockey’) but not the second. When another participant guessed “florida,” I tried to help him out with “you’re ‘warm” but alas, he did not guess “weather” – which is the second most popular search term in Bing in Canada!

The reason I decided to open with this approach was the focus on Enterprise Search as a feature within SharePoint at this event – gauged by both audience questions and by a presentation by BA-Insight on the subject. They discussed their different methodology around enterprise SEO (search engine optimization) for intranets; they offer ‘quick views’ via icons so that a separate viewer opens up within SharePoint.

The value of search within an enterprise content management system like SharePoint 2010 was evident through presentations provided by BA-Insight, Microsoft, K2 and others. From an Adlib perspective, we enable those search tools to be more effective because the documents ingested into the system can now be properly searched based on the content.

Image-only documents, for example, can now be properly searched within SharePoint 2010, along with the ability to pass along metadata. So, even though Adlib is an underlying technology, we enable all these other SharePoint partners to be more effective.

I was impressed by the scope of questions after the Adlib presentation which included:

  • What file formats can be used with Adlib PDF for SharePoint? (Answer: more than 300 formats)
  • What about merging different file types, including CAD, to support RFPs and RFQs? (Answer: Adlib’s merging capability includes all the major file formats including CAD, thereby enabling exposed data outside the company to be in a collaborative format easily viewed.)
  • Does Adlib do batch processing of conversion of varying file formats? (Answer: Absolutely.)

I am looking forward to the next time I participate in the SharePoint 2010 Solutions Roadshow -which is in Atlanta next Wed. (Feb. 9).

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