Let Them Work. Let Them Drive.

April 20, 2011

1 minute read

Imagine you’re a race car driver, and you get the call from a top competitive team to come drive for their team. Fantastic.

What if you showed up and found out you were expected to not only drive, but also spend build the car from the ground up. Not so fantastic.

Imagine a similar scenario where you’re specialty is not driving, but quickly and accurately analyzing insurance claims submitted by customers to ensure they get the proper service as soon as possible.

Problem is, you spend much of your time chasing documents, combining them in a logical order, and turning them into a format that you and co-workers can collaborate on – instead of applying your expertise. What happens if you miss a key piece of information??

Not only is this a frustration for you as a knowledge worker, but it slows you down and limits the number of claims you are able to process for the company that hired you. Never mind the potential risk of not working with all of the relevant information! It’s also a frustration for the client who has to wait for all the extra work to be completed before their claim can actually be reviewed.

Just like a proper race team includes pit staff to build and prep the car, leaving the driver to focus on his true value for the team, technology allows organizations to put systems in place that keep knowledge workers – like a claims processor – focused on their task.

Instead of having your knowledge workers waste time manually assembling a claim, accelerate the workflow (and minimize the risk) by automating the process. Digital transformation solutions for insurance industry can automatically convert all the documents to searchable PDF and combine them into an easy to navigate claim complete with table of contents, bookmarks and page numbers.

The result is delivered to the claims processors, who can then immediately apply their skills to processing the claim and servicing the customer. 

Let them work. Let them drive.

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