All Dressed Up with Some Place to Go - Momentum Berlin 2011

November 3, 2011

1 minute read

Rupin Mago at Momentum 2011 as HashtagAnother great show by EMC here in Germany this week for Momentum Berlin 2011; some 1,200 people are in attendance… and most of them saw my “Twitter hashtag” costume (see here) - since EMC included it in their slideshow at the keynote address!

(Yes, I had a reason to wear such an outfit; the opening day of Momentum Berlin fell on Hallowe’en.)

EMC is using D2 - a configurable web application from partner company C6 - to replace its Documentum Webtop UI. This development has been well received by both the user and partner communities.

My session this morning - Tips & Tricks to Maximize Document Transformation Services (DTS) & Advanced Document Transformation Services (ADTS) was attended by about 100 people. There was lots of great dialogue about Adlib, which in turn has created a ton of booth traffic for us!

We’ve had great discussions at the Adlib booth about the good and bad of DTS and ADTS, as well as good chats around CAD and OCR add-ons, along with how to optimize PDFs further.

Closing Party Momentum Berlin 2011

Peter Reynolds, Adlib’s European Director, and I are now at the big closing party at famous Berlin landmark, the E-Werk techno club (see here), unwinding with customers, EMC and other partners.

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