Winners at DSCC 2011 in Vegas

November 14, 2011

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We had a great week at Dassault Systemes Customer Conference (DSCC) 20DSCC 2011_Adlib_iPad2 Winner11 in Vegas, and we helped send some folks home as winners. No, we didn't fund their ventures at the slot machines or tables... we awarded prizes to some visitors to our booth. I am shown here handing out the following to these DSCC attendees:

Stephan Jens Jensen (right) of Westinghouse won the iPad 2. Vincent Levesque (below) of Hydro Quebec won the Powerstick, a USB-powered portable charger.

DSCC 2011 Adlib winner of Power Stick

My Adlib colleagues and I spent a lot of time talking with customers and potential users of our content to PDF transformation solutions - explaining our technology and demonstrating its capabilities.

John Holub from Dassault Services gave many presentations of Adlib functionDSCC 2011_Jeff Branding within ENOVIA V6. (He's the voice of our Adlib/ENOVIA integration video; you can watch it here.)

When we weren't working hard, Adlib's sales engineer Jeff Brand (right) and I stopped by the Pawn Stars store in Vegas, but they wouldn't let us in as they were getting ready to film the TV show. And Jeff lost $3 at the slot machines... but he doesn't like to talk about that.

Were you at DSCC 2011? What made the biggest impression on you? Leave your comments here.

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