Life (Sciences) Lessons in and out of the Ratskeller

September 24, 2010

2 minute read

The 20th annual LORENZ userBridge event is nearing completion, and by all accounts it has been a great success. This year is their biggest event yet, with close to 200 attendees from countries such as the US, Canada, India, France, Germany, the UK and other parts of Europe.

Adlib has been attending and speaking at the worldwide customer conference of our partner, LORENZ Life Sciences, for three years now – in Lisbon, Portugal in 2008, in Warsaw, Poland in 2009, and this week in Frankfurt, Germany. As always, the LORENZ event is as much about education as it is about celebrating their customers.

Today I presented to userBridge attendees (leaders in the life sciences industry) about the challenges and benefits associated with creating submission-ready PDFs and using PDF/A as the standard for archiving. PDF/A is a new concept for some, but it’s quickly generating interest as more companies realize the benefits of preserving content value. There were lots of questions and chatter about PDF/A both after my talk and by attendees in general during the three-day event.

PDF/A Competency Center Membership Helps Us Educate the Market

There is still some confusion about what PDF/A is and is not, which highlights the value of Adlib presenting at these events – to help educate the market. Our company’s membership of the PDF/A Competency Center, based in Europe, demonstrates our participation and leadership in this subject matter.

Learning about the challenges that medium and large pharmaceutical companies have to deal with is always very enlightening. We appreciate the opportunity LORENZ has given us to participate in their annual event.

The userBridge day ended with dinner at a local ratskeller (tavern, shown right), punctuated by accordion players and enthusiastic singing by the Lorenz staff, the loudest of whom was their president, Wolfgang Witzer. The enthusiasm continued even when he, CEO Raoul Lorenz and other LORENZ executives were unceremoniously left behind when the buses departed! (They quickly circled back to pick them up.)

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