Climbing to New Heights

September 29, 2010

2 minute read

 Here we are at the Snowbird Resort in Utah, just outside of Salt Lake City, for the annual MasterControl User Group event known as the Masters Summit 2010.  The resort is 8,100 ft above sea level with a summit that is 11,000 ft above sea level; we hope to check out that peak, Snowbird Mountain, later this week… by tram. (I took this photo of Snowbird Mt. from the balcony of the conference center.)

Today was the start of the event, and the morning was filled with corporate strategic plans along with product plans. Curt Porritt, SVP Marketing of MasterControl, kicked things off by letting customers know that this year’s event will provide them with Advanced Level sessions to get a deeper understanding of various MasterControl products.

The keynote was delivered by Mike Schlappi, Motivational Speaker, Gold Medalist (wheelchair basketball player) and author.  I’ve seen many motivational speakers, but this one has definitely taken top spot in my books. Lots of laughs, and great insights into self motivation techniques that are easy to follow.

We then heard from Jon Beckstrand, CEO of MasterControl (who is now blogging for the company). He described his company’s core values as:

  1. Exceptional people
  2. Innovative solutions
  3. Customer success
  4. Sound economics

All in all, a great kick off to this year’s Masters Summit! We are looking forward to the Adlib session tomorrow (Wed. Sept. 29) at 2:45 p.m. titled ‘Beyond Adlib – Maximizing your Adlib investment’ to be presented by Peter Duff, President & CEO of Adlib Software. He’ll share information about how to extend your PDF rendering framework, manage workflows outside your controlled and validated environment, and how optional capabilities are available to MasterControl customers through component add-ons such as Optical Character Recognition (OCR), CAD rendering, and various output formats.

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