Life is Boo-tiful at Adlib

October 30, 2010

1 minute read

The staff at Adlib celebrated Hallowe’en with gusto today at the office. The VP of sales had an office doorway that sent chills through his team: the upside-own hanging of decapitated, bloody heads of sales reps who didn’t meet their quotas. (One of them has a goodbye note that  reads: “Missed my quota by 25%. My fault”, right.) The marketing department all dressed up as board games – CandyLand, Snakes and Ladders, Boggle, Risk, Snakes and Ladders, and Twister – with their boss as Mr. Hasboro, the toy tycoon. Boggle (aka Carla Cameron, left) won the Grand Prize for Best Costume for her completely homemade costume; she was up to 3 am. the night before pouring Tang powder into her hourglass and stitching lettered blocks to the back of her outfit.

Scott Mackey, Director of Product Management, was a disturbing clown (what other kind is there) and the bearer of prizes at the end-of-day bonanza in the staff lunchroom. Judges were brought in from a neighbouring office for ‘unbiased’ opinions, natch.

(Oh, and the skinny dude slumped in the chair? He’s just overworked.)

 A good time was had by all – though way too much candy was consumed in the making of this blog post. Happy Hallowe’en from everyone at Adlib!


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