Fantastic, Productive Week at EMC Momentum Lisbon 2010

October 11, 2010

2 minute read

Lisbon PortugalI started off this week by taking in some sights before EMC Momentum Lisbon 2010, where Adlib is a sponsor.

Being the first time Adlib has gone to a Momentum Europe event, it’s been great speaking with customers who haven’t been able to make it to the EMC North America events. We are a partner of EMC; check out our datasheets on Adlib CAD & EMC ADTS and Adlib OCR & EMC ADTS.

There was lots of discussion on how to utilize the functionality of EMC’s Advanced Document Transformation Services (ADTS) within different workflows. We were able to solve customer problems right in our booth!

The key note sessions were great, too. Rick Devenuti, who’s just taken over managing the Information Intelligence Group (IIG) at EMC from Mark Lewis (now chief strategy officer at EMC.) In Rick’s keynote address, he identified the three priorities for IIG: Simplicity, Virtualize, Move to the Cloud.

We then heard from Jeetu Patel, the new CTO for IIG who said that in the coming years, business users, not IT, will make decisions on what technologies to use. In the past we’ve been accustomed to IT controlling and deciding the environment. For the future, governance will be based on user choices. Jeetu said that EMC is focused on being more agile than in the past, more open to embrace the innovation that is happening outside of EMC (web 2.0 type stuff).

I do agree with Jeetu’s comments , primarily because today’s business users are able to get so much more information through various sources like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. They themselves can make informed decisions on technology based on their needs and requirements. Let’s face it, sometimes IT just doesn’t know what we want.

Overall, EMC Momentum Lisbon 2010 has been a well-managed show with lots of time for interactions with customers. While I was unable to attend sessions, I followed the #MMTM10 stream on Twitter to get all the important details.

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