Enter the World of Workflows: the PDF SharePoint 2010 Webinar

October 20, 2010

2 minute read

Are you using SharePoint or thinking of evolving to SharePoint and need to convert documents to PDF? If so, we have the learning event for you! Join us Tuesday, November 9th, 2 p.m. – 3 p.m. EST, to learn how to convert, combine and enhance PDF documents within the Microsoft SharePoint environment, including SharePoint 2010.

When your original document is not in a format that’s accessible to all users, Adlib PDF for SharePoint transforms the document into a text-searchable PDFs that is now universally accessible for sharing and collaborating within SharePoint.

 The webinar, titled “World of Workflows: PDF for SharePoint 2010,” is co-hosted by myself and  Jason Piccola, Microsoft’s Technical Solutions Professional – SharePoint (right).
On Nov. 9th you will learn about…
  • New features and enhancements to Microsoft SharePoint 2010, such as Document ID, workflow enhancements and using SharePoint Designer 2010 for document conversion in workflows
  • How enterprises, such as Big Pharma, can meet regulatory compliance requirements and high quality document rendering
  • Quick and easy access to find information for streamlined  archiving
  • Supporting business processes with secure collaboration between customers, partners, business units and suppliers by automating critical workflows to convert, combine and enhance documents
  • How to accelerate time-to-market by generating standardized documents to ensure consistent, high quality documentation for hundreds of document formats – including Word, CAD engineering drawings, spreadsheets and presentations

Jason and I will also be discussing…

  • Conversion of Microsoft Office files to PDF
  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition) scanned document images to make them text-searchable
  • Combine multiple documents with table of contents, indexes, page numbers, watermarks and timestamps
  • Rapidly deploy using out of the box rendering workflows
  • Create flexible document transformation business processes based on metadata
  • Don’t miss out; register for the November 9th, 2010 World of Workflows webinar. Talk to you then,

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