Enter the World of Workflows

November 30, 2010

1 minute read

“Does Adlib have native application support for document conversion for MS office documents?”

“In which stage does OCR occur? Can metadata be attached through OCR?­”

“Does Adlib have the ability to convert to multiple PDFs instead of a merged document?”

“Could you show us the scanned based workflows?”

These are just a few of the highly engaged questions at the end of our well-attended webinar this month, ‘World of Workflows: PDF for SharePoint 2010,” that I co-hosted with Microsoft SharePoint 2010 expert, Jason Piccola.

Jason discussed new features and enhancements to SharePoint 2010, while I talked about how Adlib converts Office files to PDF, uses OCR to scan document images to make them text-searchable, combines documents, and other processes that work within the SharePoint 2010 environment.

To learn the answers posed by attendees as noted at the top of this blog post … check out the Webinar recording.

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