Adlib/Enovia Integration a Popular Draw at DSCC 2010

November 9, 2010

2 minute read

What a great start to the Dassault Systemes Customer Conference (DSCC 2010) today in Orlando, with more than 800 attendees and over 30 sponsors including Adlib, several of whom are our partners (Integware, Technia, Coastal Logic).

Building on the theme, “3D for Lifelike Experience,” we’re seeing how Dassault’s technology is driving innovation and improving efficiency in real life situations - for example, manufacturers of virtual-reality manipulation devices such as Haption’s Virtuose control device which, when matched with Mechdyne’s Conduit, allows an operator to actually move and control pieces in a virtual 3D space using native CAD files without conversion.

Right from the start of today, the Adlib booth has been one of the busiest here at DSCC,  as many companies in diverse industries have challenges around the conversion, combining and enhancement of their documents. Whether they need to publish product information from a number of locations and authors, or if they need to add a cover page to a CAD drawing, Adlib Express integrated with ENOVIA – Dassault’s PLM solution that delivers SOA architecture for driving collaborative innovation – is proving to be the solution everybody is looking to.

Adlib booth at DSCC 2010

In this photo, left to right: Jeff Brand, Adlib’s technical account manager, with Dave Archambault of Dassault, and Noriko Oyama, channel sales manager, Adlib, chat at the Adlib booth at DSCC 2010.

This conference has been a great experience so far for us Adlibbers to understand more about what our customers are doing with our products and what they’re looking to do in the future.

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