What CMIS Really Means: Connect My Information Silos

May 4, 2010

2 minute read

CMIS is short for Content Management Interoperability Services – but a better explanation for the acronym could be Connect My Information Silos!

If all companies kept all of their content in a single repository, there would be no need for something like CMIS – a content management interface supported by AIIM and industry heavies like Microsoft, EMC, IBM, Oracle, and SAP that enables content developed and managed in one ECM technology to be easily access or managed using a different ECM system.

This scenario is coming up more and more frequently in organizations as a result of mergers and acquisitions or the deployment of products like Microsoft SharePoint in addition to existing ECM products.

Leveraging CMIS within SharePoint

Here’s a use case of how CMIS could be leveraged within SharePoint. A document library could be created within SharePoint that references content stored in an external repository. This would allow users to interact with the content (browse, view, edit) without leaving the SharePoint user interface. They could even invoke workflows, including document conversion workflows from PDF for SharePoint on documents stored in the external repository.

Other cases where this would be valuable are:

  • Archiving content created in one repository to the repository used for Records Management
  • Assembling a single document from source documents located in different repositories

We have been following the development of CMIS closely because we agree with many analysts who say that it could transform the ECM industry. And it could help Adlib Software more easily deliver PDF rendering solutions for organizations that is independent of the silos they are currently kept in.

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