Secrets of a Successful (Technology) Relationship

June 1, 2010

1 minute read

Today’s customers are focused on using software products that can meet the needs of as many of their users as possible. To that end, software companies are either partnering with other technology organizations, or they are acquiring technologies to give customers more from one place. For today’s blog, I’m going to focus on the partnering aspect of product portfolio diversification.

Top 3 Signs of a Good Relationship

1. Having the Right People (doing the right things): Make sure there is an Account Manager who is focused on the relationship so the right voices get heard within your organization.

2. Comprehensive Product Offering: As customers take on a mass software consideration effort, they are increasingly looking for more ways to leverage what they already own and share that resource around their organization. Technology companies need to be enterprise-grade with their product suite – specifically, scalable, fault tolerant, and highly available. There are also high demands for SaaS based solutions along with support for cloud computing environments.

3. Strong After-Sales Support: Communication is critical before the closing of a deal, but what happens afterwards – to maintain your investment in the software? Having varied forms of communication with your customers keeps your company on their mind; for example, quarterly e-newsletters are a great way to engage them on additional capabilities you have or how to use your products more efficiently. Using Twitter is a another great way to get information out to the world. (I personally follow various technology companies to see what’s happening.)

As customers drive us to increase the quality and depth of our products, we’ll continue to see more and more partnership opportunities to ensure these solutions are exceeding customer expectations.

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