Observations from EMC World

May 12, 2010

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 So here we are, day 3 at EMC World Boston 2010.  I’m in the “Blogger’s Lounge” writing up my notes and comments on this years event.

The theme at EMC World is cloud computing (as at other recent shows, such as FOSE 2010) – more specifically, the ‘private cloud’.

Wikipedia defines the “cloud” as shared resources, software and information provided to computers and other devices on demand (like the electricity grid).

A “private” cloud is essentially a ‘Cloud’ within your organizations firewall, which will protect you from a data security and corporate governance perspective.

Here at EMC World during Pat Gelsinger’s keynote address, he gave us a live demo of moving 508 Virtual Machines, which were on rack servers beside him on stage, to a location within 100 miles. To my surprise, the transfer was complete before Pat’s keynote ended! This demo showed us that it is entirely possible to coordinate and execute all kinds of IT related tasks through the Internet – but be anywhere in the world.

Rebranding to Information Intelligence Group

On the software side, EMC has rebranded their Content Management & Archiving Group (CM&A) to the Information Intelligence Group (IIG).  This re-branding effort describes where EMC is taking their product suite in the future. Mark Lewis defined the purpose of IIG as maximizing organizations’ ability to leverage the information so they have a business advantage.

EMC’s IIG – whose goal is to migrate the products to the cloud, both private and public – have 5 distinct groups:

  • Intelligent Information Governance
  • Intelligent Case Management
  • Intelligent Information Access
  • Intelligent Enterprise Capture
  • Intelligent Customer Communications

Most Unstructured Content is Also Unmanaged

At this point, 95% of the content in the world is unstructured and growing at a exponential rate. It is estimated that there will be 35 zettabytes of content by 2020.

Of the unstructured content, 85% of it is currently unmanaged. As more regulations and standards are introduced to protect people, organizations and the world, more of this content will need to be managed.

Dr. Victor Spivak, EMC’s CMA Chief Architect, talked about CMIS integration and plug version 1.0 is available now and will be commercialized for the EMC Documentum 6.7 launch in Q1 next year.  As a founding member of CMIS, EMC is leading the charge to ensure their products as being CMIS-compatible.

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