SharePoint 2010 Features We’re Watching: Workflow Enhancements

March 16, 2010

1 minute read

Last week, Microsoft got a lot more specific about the dates for the SharePoint 2010 release. According to the Microsoft SharePoint Team Blog, SharePoint 2010 and Office 2010 will be launched on May 12, 2010. The intent to RTM (a slightly softer date), is announced for April 2010.

Adlib Software has been preparing for the 2010 launch since last summer and will be ready to support this release soon after it becomes available. I can tell you that the PDF for SharePoint workflows run on 2010 as well as SharePoint 2007. Now we are working on how we can leverage new capabilities in SharePoint 2010 in ways that will be valuable to our customers.

Since we use SharePoint workflows to enable document conversion within SharePoint, we are pleased to see all of the workflow-related enhancements in this release. These include:

  • The ability to run workflows on the new Document Set content type and folders as well as documents. Several of our customers have expressed the need to efficiently work with multiple documents at once
  • Big improvements to the interface for SharePoint Designer, It is also much easier to create workflows that can be reused within your SharePoint deployment with SPD 2010
  • The ability to create workflows using Visio 2010 will enable business analysts to design workflows

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