How Adlib Improves Upon the Nuance Engine

March 10, 2010

1 minute read

Nuance is excellent at recognizing and exposing text hidden in images; however, processing some PDFs, documents with oversized pages, and certain types of bitmaps can be a challenge. Adlib Software is able to pre-process these types of documents, and manage the success of the Nuance engine, to ensure the best output for a number of conditions.

Adlib provides a simple, flexible interface for performing all different types of document transformation. OCR – for recognizing text on image documents – is one type. The Adlib OCR solution uses the Nuance SDK for the recognition of text due to its superior accuracy and throughput capabilities.

Benefits of Adlib OCR working with Nuance SDK:

• A much simpler interface for integration (.NET Web Service & XML Job Ticket)

• Practically limitless scalability with automatic load balancing and intelligent job management

• Support for processing 300+ file types to PDF or other formats. You can even process images within MS Word files etc. via OCR to make all content searchable.

• Metadata-based rules processing capabilities via our forthcoming Director Web Service

• Pre-Processing capability to enhance OCR accuracy and throughput Enhanced / Extended PDF support (Bookmark retention, PDF annotation retention [image only]. These 4 important elements are lost when processing strictly through Nuance

• Document failure prevention. Our server based tools provide enterprise ready job management and fault tolerance to ensure maximum availability and throughput

• Enhanced automated error handling (based on document recognition quality) so that system output can be tailored to meet requirements

•  Extremely large document support (in terms of # of pages. In house testing of 15,000+ pages, limited by HD space only)

•  Automated OCR zoning to draw content from specific page locations

•  Seamless workarounds to a number of known issues/limitations in the Nuance engine

• Only versions of Nuance which meet our high quality standards for accuracy and stability are included saving our customers and partners valuable testing time

• Access to a rich set of functionality available in our Conversion, Publishing & Recognition products modules through an integrated interface

• Training, Support and Software for ISV Partners

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