Enterprise Deployment of Express at One of World’s Largest Pharmaceutical Companies

March 30, 2010

2 minute read

There’s a lot of excitement around the office right now; our veteran account executive Meagan Macpherson has just landed a major enterprise-wide deployment of Adlib Express at one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies.

The company is using our solution across its global organization, in conjunction with Microsoft SharePoint, to meet the strict regulatory compliance requirements of its industry.

It’s all part of a bigger trend that we call ‘the evolution of regulatory publishing through submission-ready PDFs.”

It makes sense that this Big Pharma organization has decided to take document rendering very seriously in order to meet compliance and regulatory requirements – and for them, that meant deploying Adlib’s PDF conversion as an enterprise service.

PDF conversion part of enterprise-wide SharePoint implementation

They’ve been our customer for several years now – using Adlib Express in embedded applications implemented through various document management and regulatory compliance systems. But then they saw the opportunity to deploy Adlib more broadly as part of their enterprise-wide SharePoint implementation.

SharePoint is increasingly seen by many organizations as a flexible, configurable platform that can include documents appropriate for compliance requirements – as well as being a collaborative process.

The document trail gets pretty complicated at this pharmaceutical organization. Their 80,000-plus employees produce thousands of documents each day out of facilities spanning three continents – documents that undergo significant collaboration over the course of several months.

This client upgrade means that Adlib Express is now the PDF conversion solution for the top three of the world’s largest ‘big pharma’ companies.

Factors in the organization’s decision to go with Express

  • The number of users working on a single document
  • The multiple iterations of these documents
  • The need for version control
  • The requirement of meeting strict regulatory requirements
  • The need for control and standardization of documents

The immediate rollout of the enterprise deployment in North America means this company can now create submission-ready PDFs in the publishing of their FDA submissions – such as the 21 CFR Part 11 standard.

In the near future, the Adlib Express enterprise deployment will extend to EMEA submissions in Europe.

Our pharmaceutical client has told us they’ve already experienced increased capacity throughput and decreased QA time required to proofread documents; and they expect it will lead to an accelerated time-to-market for their products.

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