Introducing Adlib PDF for SharePoint 2010

June 23, 2010

2 minute read

Today is a banner day around the Adlib office:

Our president and CEO  – sums it up well: “Companies are increasingly turning to SharePoint to solve a variety of challenges and improve business process efficiencies, and Adlib is the only software vendor that provides document conversion, recognition and publishing to enhance the inherent value in SharePoint 2010. Adlib PDF for SharePoint automates key business processes by greatly reducing administrative costs, ensuring compliance with company and regulatory requirements, and increasing collaboration and flexibility.”

Key Features of Adlib PDF for SharePoint 2010

  • Merging Files in Document Sets – Adlib PDF for SharePoint leverages the new Document Sets feature in SharePoint 2010 by converting and merging files in a Document Set into a single PDF file. This makes it simpler to work with collections of different document types across an enterprise for greater collaboration, reduced administrative costs and increased flexibility
  • SharePoint Designer Support – Adlib leverages the updated SharePoint Designer to create workflows that include rich document rendering without any custom coding. Out-of-the-box workflows included with SharePoint 2010 can be simply updated to include Adlib document rendering and are then reusable across an entire enterprise. Leveraging SharePoint Designer provides enhanced flexibility and reduces the cost of  enterprise-wide deployments of SharePoint 2010 and Adlib PDF for SharePoint
  • Metadata Driven Document Rendering – Adlib PDF for SharePoint leverages the new enterprise managed metadata services within SharePoint 2010 to automate document conversion workflows. Adlib’s unique metadata-driven rendering and publishing centrally applies consistent and reliable document settings such as watermarks, table of contents, headers, footers, timestamps, navigation features, hyperlinks, title page and page numbers to ensure documents meet company and regulatory requirements

Leveraging SharePoint 2010 metadata unlocks the real value of the Adlib PDF for SharePoint solution. Our customers working in highly regulated industries such as pharmaceutical, financial services and government are using Adlib PDF for SharePoint to automate formerly inefficient manual procedures to achieve compliance and minimize costs.

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