Ease of Use and Product Innovation are Stamped All Over Adlib & Nintex Partnership

By Paul Dyck | July 15, 2010

Montrium Inc., which provides quality assurance and regulatory GXP compliance services, had a real need to automate the regulatory submissions process for new drugs. So the company streamlined the management and routing of clinical trial records for submission by adopting the newly integrated  Nintex and Adlib business process automation solution.

The integration between the intuitive tools that Nintex provides to create complex workflows within SharePoint, and Adlib PDF for SharePoint’s ability to automate document transformations means that document rendering within larger business workflows can be quickly designed and deployed using Nintex Workflow 2010.

Paul Fenton, Montrium’s VP of pharmaceutical processes and technology, says the Nintex and Adlib partnership has significantly reduced the PDF publishing burden on regulatory operations that his company used to face.

Any enterprise facing compliance regulations needs a way to automatically convert and distribute documents in a secure PDF format, after the document is approved and/or converted to PDF/A as part of a mandated archiving process. Converting documents to PDF is often part of a records management process to ensure document controls.

As our president, Peter Duff, explains it, the Nintex Workflow and Adlib PDF for SharePoint combination solves such as issues as “unsearchable documents, legacy or inaccessible formats, longer retention periods, increasingly complex e-records, disparate archiving methodologies, and the need to manage and track document lifecycles.”

Or, as Nintex managing director, Wayne Woolston, puts it, “ease of use and product innovation are stamped all over this offering.”

How does the Integration Work?

The user inserts a ‘start workflow’ action into the Nintex workflow, and then configures it to invoke any of the Adlib workflows for SharePoint that are deployed on the user’s system. A good demonstration of this is shown in the video here.

How Adlib PDF for SharePoint and Nintex Workflow Can Automate Business Processes in SharePoint.

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