SharePoint 2010 Interoperability All the Buzz at AIIM Expo

April 24, 2010

1 minute read

SharePoint 2010 interoperability was all the buzz at this year’s AIIM conference and expo this week in Philadelphia. We were there, demonstrating our PDF for SharePoint solution, within the Microsoft Pavilion.

Owen Allen , Microsoft’s product manager for SharePoint 2010, came by our booth and chatted with Adlibber Alison Estrop (right).  He was a presenter at AIIM, as well as host of an informal evening event he dubbed “SharePint.”

We attended SharePint, where the mojitos were flowing, lots of folks dancing (not we Adlibbers!) and everyone seemed to be having a great time – and some swapping of information about SharePoint 2010 happened too ;) One cool discussion had folks speculating as to whether the future direction will be to connect to repositories of information, or whether intelligent search is going to be the way to get at information.

Also at AIIM was a hands-on lab (below) for show attendees to test drive the various solutions offered at AIIM, which included:

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