Faster PDF Creation of Insurance Quotes Drives up Sales

April 8, 2010

1 minute read

Imagine getting an insurance quote back to a customer within hours of securing their information… That is exactly what now happens at a leading international insurance corporation who adopted Adlib’s PDF conversion solution to render quotes as non-editable, branded PDFs.

The transformation of brokers’ emails into professional quotes used to take days, even weeks, to present to potential customers. These frustrating and embarrassing delays were a result of the instability of the insurance company’s previous PDF conversion solution, which acted as a roadblock to their efficiency and profitability.

The Waiting Game: Losing Customers Whose Quotes Take Too Long

The fallout: lost sales and higher employee turnover at the insurance company. Brokers found it tough to compete in the marketplace with quote delays. The organization, as a whole, had an image problem when it came to customer service.

However, with Adlib’s speedy PDF conversion of insurance quotes, all these problems went away. Rapid response to customer inquiries differentiated the insurance brokerage as a responsive, customer-focused service provider.

The Adlib Express solution involves “batch” transformation – on a 24/7 basis – of incoming emails from brokers, scanned documents and the like, to be archived on an EDM platform. The Adlib solution requires no support to deal with attachments, password-protected documents, or the daily flows of thousands of documents.

Express takes an editable quote and turns it into a non-editable PDF that is branded with the company’s logo and other identifiers…. in a few hours.

This leading insurance company has experienced significant savings in IT time and costs, and – best of all – a significant increase in sales.

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