Don’t Be a Fool This April Fool’s Day

April 1, 2010

1 minute read

Once upon a time, Enterprise Everywhere needed a PDF conversion solution, so they went with the biggest name in the biz. After all, the behemoth did have a complete suite of products, all the bells and whistles.

The problem: they have all the bells and whistles – whether you need them or not – all in different versions that have to be coordinated to work properly.

One day, when Enterprise Everywhere was merrily working away – filing financial e-docs, meeting regulatory deadlines, or some other mission-critical task – their PDF conversion solution stopped meeting their needs…Oh, no!

But, no sweat, they think; they pick up the phone and contact their big, superstar vendor, Big V.

Big V doesn’t call back, not for the longest time. Too long for Enterprise Everywhere to recoup the productivity lost due to PDF rendering downtime. That’s because Big V is too big – too busy, too many customers, with too many product lines to manage well. Oh, no double-time!

Then, on a much finer day, Enterprise Everywhere learns about Adlib: a smaller, more nimble vendor with a true enterprise-grade PDF conversion solution that meets – heck, exceeds – their requirements…

AND customer service that actually, well, serves the customer: On-site installation and training, immediate response from maintenance and renewal, fast follow up on inquiries, the works. Oh, my!

Enterprise Everywhere feels special; they are special.  They decide to abandon Big V vendor and go with Adlib Express. They learn that Enterprises Everywhere Else, around the world, are doing the same.

It’s Happily Ever After – except, of course, for Big V.

No, this isn’t an April Fool’s Day joke – but sometimes working with the Big Vs can make you feel like a fool. Big names can bring big headaches.

Little guys stick to their knitting and have their competencies down cold. Oh, and they like serving you.

Lessons learned.

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