Introducing Adlib Express V4.10

November 9, 2010

1 minute read

Adlib Express, the market-leading document transformation solution, just got better!

We are excited to introduce Adlib Express V4.10, which includes many new and improved capabilities that further enhance our already extensive rich feature set, ensuring that we continue to deliver document fidelity, scalability and enterprise-grade reliability.

Key highlights include:

1. Support for Microsoft® Windows® 2008 Server and 2008 R2

2. Improved OCR capabilities:

  • Updated optimization and compression for OCR reduces file sizes, resulting in reduced cost of storage for images while ensuring optimal quality once converted to PDF
  • The ability to automatically rotate images so they can be accurately recognized. In Adlib Express 4.10, users can control whether the image in the resulting PDF should remain rotated after the OCR is complete or left in its original position. The visual integrity of the original document can be retained while still providing the best possible OCR accuracy

3. CAD module enhancements:

  • AutoCAD® 2010 support – converts colors to monochrome; improved legibility in print and on-screen of drawings converted from color
  • Support for converting PDF Portfolio/Package files: Improved PDF bookmark creation for converted PDF Portfolio and Package files, enhancing user navigation of converted PDF Portfolio and Package files

4. Enhanced PDF/A Validation Accuracy: 99% overall accuracy by validating 202 out of 204 test cases included in the Isartor Test Suite developed by the PDF/A Competence Center, and further improved output quality

Adlib Express V4.10 is available as a free upgrade to Adlib customers with active maintenance contracts.

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