What is the Quickest Path to Converting Word Documents to PDF to Ensure Compliance to Regulatory Requirements?

July 14, 2009

1 minute read

Companies often struggle to identify the best method for creating a high-quality, PDF/A compliant, PDF from a word file. Likely the most efficient way to achieve this goal is to use a server-based PDF rendering solution that operates in the background and automatically controls the quality of output by creating renditions of all key documents based on a predetermined, user-defined set of criteria.

On a business level, this solution delivers the following benefits:

  • Improved document access across the enterprise
  • Reduced work and lowered costs through process efficiency
  • Uniform control over enterprise standards of document formatting
  • Better service to internal and external customers

Additional advantages of using high-end conversion software include:

  • Automated workflows and hundreds of converted file types, including CAD to PDF without the need of the native application.
  • Converted images to accurate and searchable PDF files and leverages document assembly and stamping functions.
  • Assurance that documents adhere to the PDF/A standard, maintaining accessibility over an extended period of time (This allows the documents to be consistently and predictably viewed at a later date)

If your work environment requires quality creations of PDF versions of existing documents in a timely manner, you should consider looking at Adlib Express as a total rendering solution.

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