Use case: Unifying platforms for improved efficiencies with FDA submissions

September 19, 2014

1 minute read

We work with a number of large, international organizations with many moving parts. Almost all of these companies work with multiple Enterprise Content Management systems, Workflow solutions, Product Lifecycle Management systems and document repositories.  In fact, The Association for Information and Image Management’s State of the ECM Industry 2011 paper states that “72% of larger organizations have three or more ECM/Document Management/Records Management systems and 25% have five or more.” Often, many of these systems require a document-to-PDF solution.

A rendering solution across all platforms

One of our customers, a global pharmaceutical company, was using 3 systems for their FDA submissions documentation – EMC DocumentumOpenText and Microsoft SharePoint. Each of these platforms needed high-fidelity document conversion capabilities. The organization wanted to provide consistent, scalable, high quality PDF rendering across all of these platforms so that they could meet quality goals and improve the efficiency of their FDA submission process.

This customer turned to Adlib PDF as their enterprise rendering solution to support all of their platforms. By doing so, they were able to ensure consistent quality of documents across departments to satisfy FDA demands, in addition to saving hundreds of knowledge workers valuable time by using an automated solution. To hear more about this customer’s story, read the use case.

Interested in how other organizations are using Adlib PDF? Check out the use cases here, or contact our Customer Success team to discover how you can get more out of your Adlib deployment.

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