How to Stay off the Data Security Naughty List
Posted 4 December 2019 11:18 AM by Torey Hunt

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GDPR One Year Later: How Are Enterprises Faring
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Critical Considerations for CCPA Compliance
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The State of GDPR Compliance—Four Months after Inception
Posted 9 October 2018 1:00 PM by Scott Mackey

Scott Mackey checks in on the state of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), 4 months post-launch, to see how companies are doing with their GDPR compliance efforts, and how strictly GDPR regulations are being policed.

Critical GDPR Considerations That No One is Talking About
Posted 4 June 2018 12:00 PM by Fahad Muhammad

You have GDPR policies in place, but can you prove what customer info was deleted and from where? Learn how to execute on the “Right to Be Forgotten,” one of the hardest data subject rights to operationalize.

60 GDPR Webinars in 60 Seconds with Duncan Bradley
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Don’t be blindsided by this critical component of GDPR: the "Right to Be Forgotten.” Attend the GDPR webinar for boots-on-the-ground insights to help you execute on the lesser-known policy, obligation, and tactical pieces of GDPR.

What Financial Services Companies Need to Know About GDPR Compliance
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5 Ways the Content Industry Will Be Turned Upside Down in 2017
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As we celebrate the holiday season and reflect on the past, it’s also intriguing to look forward into next year and wonder what changes, disruptions, and new inventions will shape the market. In the enterprise technology market anything can happen.