Using File Analytics to Optimize the Customer Journey
Posted 11 January 2019 9:11 AM by Torey Hunt

File analytics allows a company to take their customer journey mapping to a whole new level, addressing pain points by leveraging the digital nature of the modern business environment to offer better, faster and more trusted service.

A Business Guide to File Analytics
Posted 10 December 2018 2:18 PM by Taylor Van Beek

A brief, concise walk-through of the top 3 compelling reasons why modern executives and organizations need to incorporate File Analytics, file analysis software and file analysis tools into their day-to-day business operations.

The ever evolving world of content management – according to Gartner
Posted 12 December 2016 2:00 PM by Roger Beharry Lall

As we all know, the Enterprise Content Management market is changing. It’s no longer good enough to simply provide the infrastructure – it’s imperative that organizations can derive business value from content.