An Executive’s Guide to File Analytics
Posted 10 December 2018 2:18 PM by Taylor Van Beek

A brief, concise walk-through of the top 3 compelling reasons why modern executives and organizations need to incorporate File Analytics, file analysis software and file analysis tools into their day-to-day business operations.

Key Considerations for Implementing Document-to-PDF Conversion Solutions
Posted 4 December 2018 1:13 PM by Mark Presutti

A look behind the scenes at the decisions an enterprise needs to consider when selecting a business-critical document conversion, handling and transformation solution, including some news that might be surprising to organizations using OpenText Documentum.

Digital preservation is the key to Know Your Customer requirements
Posted 3 December 2018 10:31 AM by Melanie Berg

Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements force enterprises in the financial services industry to pay close attention to every detail of their customers’ historical interaction. To track and maintain this, a digital preservation strategy is a must.

Achieving regulatory compliance through PII discovery
Posted 27 November 2018 6:11 AM by Khushboo Suri

The combined threat of fines from increased regulation and the spectre of bigger and more frequent data breaches mean that unstructured PII is a large risk for many organizations, necessitating a plan or process to help combat that risk.

Ensure Your Data Remains Accessible with Long-Term Digital Preservation
Posted 31 October 2018 2:00 PM by Chris Hibbits

Life Sciences and Healthcare organizations create more data, day-to-day, than most other companies. Learn how implementing long term digital preservation helps them meet requirements to retain data up to 3 times as long as other industries.

What is Digital Transformation Anyway?
Posted 30 October 2018 2:00 PM by Duncan Bradley

Digital Transformation is not the huge and inaccessible thing that the much-thrown-around buzzword is sometimes perceived to be. In fact, it is a journey that is taken with small, simple, digestible steps that lead toward digital maturity.

3 Business Challenges That Rely on Successful Data Migration
Posted 25 October 2018 1:30 PM by Lars Thielke

Mergers and acquisitions, asset swaps, and full-scale system upgrades are three growth opportunities for Life Sciences companies, but in order to effectively capitalize on the investments of effort and time that they require, corporations need to be digitally ready for seamless data migration.

How File Analytics Overcomes Legacy Challenges of Document Classification
Posted 22 October 2018 1:00 PM by Chris Hibbits

Chris Hibbits takes us on a journey through the history of document classification, from early natural language processing to e-discovery platforms, ending at modern day file analytics, with its ability to drive key business decisions.

Digital Transformation in Life Sciences: Successfully Harnessing the Power of Your Data
Posted 11 October 2018 1:00 PM by Bart Vervoort

Bart Vervoort discusses how digital transformation benefits Life Sciences enterprises, helping them develop and ship new drugs and services faster, build out “around the pill” digital CX augmentations, and ensure compliance with industry regulations.

The State of GDPR Compliance—Four Months after Inception
Posted 9 October 2018 1:00 PM by Scott Mackey

Scott Mackey checks in on the state of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), 4 months post-launch, to see how companies are doing with their GDPR compliance efforts, and how strictly GDPR regulations are being policed.

The Top 3 Digital Transformation Challenges in Banking
Posted 3 October 2018 1:00 PM by Taylor Van Beek

Taylor Van Beek lays out the most significant challenges the banking industry faces in considering digital transformation. Digital transformation in the financial industry is uniquely complex, due to the historical way it has done business.

How to Use Content Analytics to Make Better Business Decisions
Posted 25 September 2018 1:00 PM by Jason Mitrow

Jason Mitrow explains how content analytics and data analytics can help companies in any industry or sector make sharper, more effective, smarter business decisions; whether those are decisions that make you money, or decisions that save you money.

How OCR is Changing the Banking Industry
Posted 17 September 2018 1:00 PM by Mark Presutti

Learn how OCR technology is helping banks finally begin to move toward their inevitable future by transforming outdated paper content and unreadable digital formats into accessible, searchable, digitized data to be leveraged to their full potential.

Six Steps to Optimizing Your Data Capture Solution
Posted 6 September 2018 1:00 PM by Fahad Muhammad

Learn the six steps Adlib recommends using when implementing an effective, automated data capture solution with the goal of converting enterprise-wide dormant, unstructured data into actionable, readable and searchable content.

Data Extraction Techniques to Mitigate Unstructured Data Challenges
Posted 4 September 2018 7:00 AM by Taylor Van Beek

Learn about the five steps to running an effective data extraction process, granting access to enterprise-wide dormant data and creating larger, more complete data sets that will increase the quality of business insights.

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