Over 80 percent of corporate data is locked away in documents, and it’s becoming increasingly vital to discover, cleanse, and enrich that data. Why? Because companies who do reduce risk, simplify compliance, and improve efficiency through automation. This is why we created Adlib. With our scalable AI-based data-enrichment platform, you can easily transform unstructured data from thousands (or millions) of documents into structured data that’s primed for process automation, insight systems, and compliance imperatives.
Take Your Data to New Heights

Adlib is a scalable and extensible platform that leverages artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and natural language processing (NLP) to discover, cleanse, classify, and extract vital data from unstructured content. By transforming vast volumes of unstructured data into high-quality text-searchable PDF/A assets, your organization can:

Gain Contract Intelligence

Get complete visibility into your contract documents. Find and address contractual and compliance risks. Identify, monitor, and protect PII and other risky data.

Drive True End-to-End Automation

Fuel robotic process automation (RPA). Achieve true end-to-end process automation. Re-allocate human resources towards higher impact activities.

Simplify Compliance

Reduce the risk of non-compliance. Standardize critical documents and automate how content is acquired, accessed, leveraged, and delivered. Address GDPR, CCPA, and other emerging regulations.

Fuel Digital Mailroom Automation

Modernize your processes to support the digital mailroom of the future. Transform paper-intensive processes, enrich document data, and automate critical workflows with Adlib.

Enhance Content Migration

Don’t just move your unstructured data—transform it into clean, searchable, standardized information with maximum strategic value.

How Does Adlib Work?
Want to transform vast volumes of content from a range of ecosystems into text-searchable digital assets? Adlib discovers documents in 300+ file formats from word processing, images, emails, spreadsheets, and other unstructured content and analyzes it to identify high-value or potentially risky data. Here’s how we do it:

To learn how Adlib can accelerate your digital transformation, download the datasheet.

Why Adlib?
Integration to Multiple Systems

Adlib can connect to a variety of content repositories, including SharePoint Online, Documentum (OpenText), Box, Salesforce.com, and other ecosystems.

AI-Assisted Content-Based Classification

Groups and classifies documents based on a deep analysis of their content that leverages automated and trainable AI models.

Leverages Machine Learning & Natural Language Understanding

Adlib performs human-like functions by leveraging advanced AI capabilities including NLP and ML to automatically group documents based on their similarity.

Support for 300+ File Formats

Adlib can discover, cleanse, and enrich data from documents in 300+ file formats, including word processing, images, emails, spreadsheets, and other unstructured content.

Superior OCR Accuracy for Images

Adlib delivers high-volume, high-accuracy Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to transform massive volumes of unstructured and image-based documents into fully searchable PDF and PDF/A assets.

Intelligent Data Extraction

Adlib automates the intelligent processing of digitally born or post-scan paper content—extracting insights and unlocking value from unstructured data.

Deeper Content Awareness

Create high-fidelity, text-searchable assets that are cleansed, classified, and attributed—for greater insight into your data.

15+ Years of Industry Experience

As a trusted partner for global leaders in financial services, life sciences, and energy, our approach and technology deliver the value and results demanded by today’s digital innovators.

We’re Dedicated to Your Success

Adlib isn’t just another service provider—we’re an extension of your team. Our Customer Success, Technical Support, and Professional Services teams are dedicated to the long-term success of your digital transformation projects.

Why Businesses Love Adlib
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