Identify, Analyze & Manage Data-Related Business Risks
For most organizations, more than 80 percent of their data is hiding in unstructured formats within email, MS Office applications, images, CAD documents, and within various fileshares. This massive volume of inaccessible data complicates data security—opening organizations up to an unprecedented level of risk. With awareness around data privacy and protection at an all-time high, customers and regulators demand more protection against both internal and external threats.
of people select personal data protection as their #1 priority when doing business with a new vendor.
Find & Control Sensitive Data

Adlib Protect allows organizations to identify and protect sensitive data hidden within unstructured formats and drive data transparency across the organization—improving data governance, audit reporting, and regulatory compliance.

Adlib Protect enables you to:

Discover + protect data across all repositories and fileshares—regardless of format, geography, and volume.

Assess identified risks and flagged content assets to determine overall business impact.

Get a unified view of all your data, enabling you to mitigate risk and glean meaningful insights.

Meet compliance regulations and government mandates (GDPR, CCPA, and others).

Drive End-to-End Data Protection

Adlib Protect helps you find, classify, analyze, and govern sensitive data across multiple lines of business at both strategic and executional levels.

Discover Sensitive Data

Identify sensitive information that is vulnerable to internal & external threats. Determine what data needs to be classified, extracted, redacted, or remediated.

Communicate Data Exposure

Visualize and communicate data exposure & threats to key stakeholders across multiple lines of business.

Detect & Analyze Risks

Gain insight into emerging risk that could impact internal and external business processes.

Protect Personal Data

Know how personal data flows in and out of your organization. Minimize the impact of data breaches & protect sensitive personal information.

Classify & Contain Confidential Data

Classify documents that contain confidential information. Leverage automated technology to find & remove—not mask—private information permanently.

Go Beyond Pii Protection

Safeguard Non-Public Personal Information (NPI), Personal Health Information (PHI), Sensitive Personal Information (SPI), Personal Credit Information (PCI) & more.

Meet Compliance Mandates

Simplify adherence to GDPR, CCPA & other emerging government regulations.

Discover & Protect Sensitive Data

Learn how Adlib Protect allows organizations to easily discover and protect all the sensitive data in their possession—regardless of format, location, or volume.

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