Adlib Software’s new CEO: Brett Mellon brings over 25 years of operational excellence

TORONTO, August 13, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) - Adlib Software, a global leader in file analytics and data enrichment solutions, has appointed Brett Mellon, process optimization and operational efficiency executive, as the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Brett joined Adlib in 2018 as the company’s first Chief Operating Officer. In his new role as CEO, Brett will continue to manage all the business operations while also taking on exciting new responsibilities with customers, partners and other external stakeholder management.

“Brett has made significant strides at Adlib already, we’re all very excited to see where his leadership and collaboration help take us next. His specialization in lean principles and process efficiency paired with his proven track record of delivering strong value to our customers leaves me confident that Brett is the right person to be steering the Adlib ship,” said Peter Duff, Founder and CPO, Adlib Software.

With this new change, Peter Duff will be focusing his strategic efforts on further developing Adlib’s products in his new role as Chief Product Officer (CPO). Going forward, Peter will set the vision for Adlib’s products and guide the overall strategy, aimed at aiding our current and future customers who are undergoing a digital transformation. With over 20 years of industry experience, Peter will focus on accelerating product capabilities to further differentiate the brand in a growing market place.

Embracing a product-focused role will allow Peter to return to his immense passion for building robust software solutions, a passion that has driven Adlib to where it is today, while Brett focuses on taking the company to new heights.

“Peter not only grew Adlib into an organization that has seen significant market success, but he also developed a strong corporate culture that puts its employees first, and fosters an environment of collaboration, inclusivity, innovation, and dedication unlike anything I’ve seen before. I’m excited to lead Adlib into the next phase of growth and business maturity, while partnering with Peter as we build an innovative product with significant market opportunity,” explains Brett.

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