Adlib introduces the next evolution of Adlib Elevate™ - an AI powered File Analytics platform

TORONTO, Oct. 17, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Adlib Software, a global leader in file analytics and data enrichment solutions, announced today the launch of Adlib Elevate™ - an AI powered File Analytics platform that discovers and enriches data to enable the modern digital business.

With this release, Adlib Elevate™ continues to deepen its ability to advance a company’s digital maturity through increasing levels of content transparency. By exposing greater understanding, intelligence and insight into dormant data, companies are empowered to accelerate product innovation, enhance customer journeys and streamline regulatory compliance.

File analytics is helping companies in their struggles with their unstructured information management projects. The primary use cases for file analytics include risk profile reduction, governance / compliance, efficiency / optimization and analytics. By providing clean and consistently classified data, file analytics also substantially improves the ability to find the right information and revolutionizes the depth of trust that companies hold in the data that drives their decisions.

Adlib Elevate™ continues to provide an open access and highly flexible platform that drives data transparency through its extensive File Analytics capabilities. Key enhanced capabilities in Adlib Elevate™ include a robust regular expression framework for targeting and extracting data at scale while amplifying its value through pre-configured workflows and engines. Cleaning legacy content before migrating to new systems, sending outdated but valued content for long-term preservation via PDF/A, migrating PII to secure areas, and enriching metadata with extracted attributes to improve search and efficiency - delivering maximum value to the customer with minimal effort.

“Companies are no longer satisfied with lifting and shifting content – their immediate goal is to identify and action high-value content, as well as highlight hidden risks. Organizations are looking to inject more intelligence into the content migration process, enriching content into an informed state for inclusion in their business processes,” said Peter Duff, CEO of Adlib Software. “Our clients get excited when they begin to see their organization moving past unstructured content chaos, to a place where content is mobilized and ready for action.”

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About Adlib Software

Adlib has been transforming the way enterprise organizations overcome unstructured content challenges for over 15 years. Our File Analytics solutions allow over 5,500 customers globally to elevate their content and derive the insight that is needed to support critical decision-making, drive efficient business processes, and secure competitive advantage.

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Fahad Muhammad