Adlib launches Automated Data Capture solution for Insurance industry on Google Cloud Platform

Advanced enterprise-grade content capture & extraction solution uses Google Cloud Platform to help address key challenges Insurance companies are facing with digital transformation.


Adlib launches Automated Data Capture solution for Insurance industry on Google Cloud Platform

Toronto, ON (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — June 12, 2017: Adlib, a global leader in content standardization, conversion and classification solutions, announced its collaboration with Google Cloud Platform to bring Adlib’s Automated Data Capture solution to the cloud.

By leveraging the power of Google Cloud Platform, Adlib’s Automated Data Capture solution offers enterprise-grade scalability while helping insurance companies to:

  • Reduce claims processing time (in some cases days to minutes)
  • Improve the overall customer experience by enabling searchability of information
  • Increase operational efficiencies by reducing manual processes
  • Improve scalability due to cloud architecture
  • Decrease TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) with SaaS model

“Legacy capture systems simply aren’t doing the job for most companies in our industry,” said Kari Schori, VP, Systems and Application Development, West Point Insurance Services. “We have found that the shift from paper based content to largely digitally born unstructured content poses a unique set of challenges. In order to maintain and improve our position in the marketplace and better serve our customers, we've relied on Adlib to help us increase efficiency and accuracy as well as leveraging unstructured data.”

With digital transformation being a core focus for most insurance organizations, dealing with unstructured and digitally born content effectively is not only a priority, but also one of their biggest challenges. “We’re seeing the ingestion of email and other digital forms of content overwhelming the insurance industry,” said Ken Chin, VP and digital strategist, Harvey Spencer Associates. “With a 20% increase in email flowing into organizations’ capture processes in the past two years alone, this trend is only expected to accelerate, making it harder for companies to extract key intelligence from this unstructured electronic content without supplementary automated technologies.”

To help educate the insurance industry regarding various data capture and extraction challenges, Adlib has teamed up with numerous market research companies such as Forrester and Gartner, and is also working with Harvey Spencer Associates to create an educational panel focused on the evolution of content-centric processes in the insurance industry. Industry peers and analysts looking for additional information on the state of digital transformation in the insurance industry or who wish to ask specific questions are invited to submit their inquiries at

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