Adlib Voted Top 10 Best Information Governance Companies at #InfoGov Awards 2016

Enterprises looking to implement Information Governance strategies have an increasing array of technology options to sort through – from file analytics to capture to redaction and more. Industry associations like InfoGovCon help sift through the landscape to identify those players that are moving the IG needle forward and revolutionizing how content is processed.

PROVIDENCE, RI (PRWEB) — October 11, 2016. The Information Governance Conference (#InfoGov16), Oct 11-12, Providence, RI, provides access to a select group of thought leaders for organizations involved in Information Governance projects. This annual event is committed to the industry and focused on delivering a high quality educational program developed through collaborative discussion and ideation.

In conjunction with their educational program, InfoGov’s open and transparent awards program showcases a number of organizations making breakthroughs in Information Governance technologies that are helping customers achieve measurable business value. Granted across 4 categories: Best Company, Best Service Provider, Expert of the Year, and Best Pitch, organizers define the #InfoGov Awards as a way of recognizing the companies and people that are moving the Information Governance industry forward. The #InfoGov Awards are unbiased with winners chosen and voted on by the community.

Adlib is pleased not only to be ranked in the top 10 (Category: Best Information Governance Company), but thrilled to see so many of its partners recognized as well.

Mike Alsup, Founder and SVP of long time Adlib partner Gimmal, and 2015’s Best Service Provider award winner, commented, “The Information Governance industry is growing rapidly and it’s exciting to see new entrants like our partner, Adlib, recognized alongside us.” Working together, the two companies are in discussions on integrating several future product visions. “We believe that Adlib’s Content Elevation Process™ is helping to fill a gap around managing unstructured content. Together we can improve the way the market is solving complex business problems.”

Organizations are placing a greater emphasis on Information Governance than ever before, and are aggressively looking for technology solutions that automate business processes and facilitate digital transformation initiatives.
Scott Mackey, Adlib VP, Customer Success says, “Working closely with our customers and partners we’ve come a long way in evolving our proven content standardization solution and applying our platform against Information Governance challenges like migration, privacy, security, digital transformation, and classification.” Adlib’s Content Elevation Process, previewed to the industry at AIIM Conference 2016, was recently recognized as a Trend Setting Product for 2016 by KMWorld, and highlighted in Gartner’s File Analysis Software Market Guide in the area of Risk Mitigation and Governance/Policy Management.

Mackey states, “We’re thrilled to receive such early market validation for our revolutionary Content Elevation Process™, and look forward to providing customers with even more capabilities and deployment options in the near future.”   

About InfoGovCon (
The Information Governance Conference is an Optismo event and community. Created in 2013 by Nick Inglis and Jim Merrifield, The Information Governance Conference is the premier event for Information Governance. Previously held in Hartford, CT, The Information Governance Conference is moving to Providence, RI for the 2016 event. Featuring some of the world's top thought leaders and practitioners, The Information Governance Conference is a new industry mainstay.

About Adlib
With its sophisticated Content Elevation Process™, Adlib is transforming the way organizations around the world in Energy, Life Sciences, Insurance, and Banking overcome Information Governance challenges. Integrating with key business tools, Adlib’s solutions enable improved migration, compliance, privacy and security, digital transformation, and classification. By unlocking the value in unstructured content, we empower our customers to derive greater business insight for critical decision-making.

About Content Elevation Process 
Adlib’s Content Elevation Process is changing the way organizations look at content as well as how they approach Information Governance technology investments. A re-engineered approach to content management that enables organizations to extract, understand and action the value locked in their content, the Process is making a profound impact on the content management industry by delivering cutting-edge technologies like content normalization, analysis, content fingerprinting, de-duplication and Progressive Classification™.

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