Adlib Introduces Ground-Breaking Content Elevation Process™, Solidifying its Position as the Industry Leader in Enterprise-Level Digital Content Processing

Building on its globally recognized content standardization platform, Adlib’s four-phase approach to managing unstructured content is transforming the way organizations look at data. By enabling businesses to gain a deeper understanding of their enterprise content through innovative capabilities that include Progressive Classification™, Adlib ensures companies are able to more effectively address critical business challenges.

New Orleans, LA (PRWEB)—April 26, 2016. Today, Adlib unveiled its innovative Content Elevation Process™ at the 2016 AIIM (Association of Information and Image Management) Conference in New Orleans—a reengineered approach to content management that will enable organizations to extract, understand and action the value locked in their content today. Gathering feedback from all corners of its business—partners, customers, industry analysts and technology experts—Adlib has designed a repeatable path for customers to infuse their content to a state where it helps ensure adherence in support of business processes and governance best practices. The company continues to drive innovative milestones that respond to market and customer demands and deliver technology that helps solve critical challenges like migration, compliance, information security, digital transformation and classification.

The Adlib Content Elevation Process is already helping visionary Fortune 500 organizations with its robust, modular four-phase approach to managing unstructured content, such as contracts, claims, submissions and well logs, not to mention emails, Microsoft® Office® documents, forms and other types of non-database information. With Adlib’s unique approach—that includes Content Fingerprinting (patent pending) and Progressive Classification™—organizations can accelerate Information Governance strategies to successfully execute projects on massive volumes of content.

“We are extremely excited to bring this new approach to the market, giving customers the visibility they need to turn content into actionable information. Organizations realize they can be truly transformative if they can respond quickly and responsibly to both internal and external demands. It’s a fantastic feeling to provide our customers with the opportunity to act on both high-value and high-risk content in the context of their most pressing business challenges,” stated Adlib’s Senior Vice-President, Product Strategy, Cengiz Satir.

“Strengthening our position as a market leader in the Information Governance arena, the Adlib Content Elevation Process provides our customers with the highest level of innovation around content processing capabilities. It allows them to not just react to the demands of information management, but to begin to proactively address governance.”

The innovative Content Elevation Process begins with the Standardize phase, building on Adlib’s world-renowned content standardization platform and producing high-definition, searchable PDF assets while de-duplicating and digitally preparing content. The output of HD assets enables the interpretation and flow of information. This Analyze phase refines content to a stage where a unique signature—a Content Fingerprint—is created. In the Categorize phase, content is distilled further using Adlib’s rules application and similarity analysis techniques. This process creates a master similarity index, which produces a superset of a category that Adlib calls a “bucket.” Once content is intelligently infused, it goes through the final Optimize phase, where classification of content is recommended utilizing Adlib’s Progressive Classification technology. The technology continues to learn and intelligently process content in an ongoing way to suit the content lifecycle requirements across multiple lines of business.

“This is quite simply a game changer for the content management sector,” said Mike Grainge, Director, Product Management at Adlib. “The Adlib Content Elevation Process brings a revolutionary approach to mapping unstructured content with new technologies like Content Fingerprinting. Utilizing our proprietary technologies which can be applied to each step in the content lifecycle, the Content Elevation Process allows enterprises to examine their content in ways previously unimagined.”

What started as the company’s Deep Insight Project—with the goal of enabling an unprecedented level of understanding and analysis of the data held in content—has resulted in today’s transformative technology. Leveraging key partner relationships and built on Adlib’s strong foundation and craftsmanship in processing unstructured content, the Adlib Content Elevation Process enables businesses to find, filter and focus on the information that matters. Sure to take the world by storm, the Adlib Content Elevation Process revolutionizes the way organizations look at content and significantly accelerates the enterprise Information Governance journey.

For more information about how the Adlib Content Elevation Process is changing the way organizations approach Information Governance, join the webinar, Content Elevation: Many Journeys, Many Paths, One True Guide. Also, please join the conversation with our 4-part blog series, The Adlib Content Elevation Process.

About Adlib
The leading-edge Adlib Content Elevation Process™ helps enterprise organizations in the Life Sciences, Insurance, Banking, and Energy sectors, among others, enhance Information Governance objectives by unlocking the value in unstructured content. Integrating with key repositories and applications, Adlib’s sophisticated solutions enable improved content migration, compliance, privacy and security, digital transformation, and classification. Organizations realize immediate value by gaining full visibility and understanding of their content, leading to greater control and the ability to meet enterprise-wide Information Governance objectives.

Lucy Ventresca
Senior Director, Marketing